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How Freelance Jobs Providers website works

Lot of freelance employers via their advertisements on this site, float a plethora of freelance projects suiting as many as possible skill sets and any kind of profession of the job seeker.

You can see advertisements from prominent Freelance jobs market place websites (for example only), such as Hexi design, Freelancer, SEO Clerks, Get-A-Coder, Project4Hire, Design Crowd, Task army and iwriter etc,.

If you are a job seeker all you have to do is to click on any of these advertisements of your choice (which offers jobs in your favorite skill area).

Once you have done this you will be taken to the parent website of the ad you have clicked. Study that website well and join / signup / register yourself as a member of that site for FREE.

Later you can Login to the site and bid for projects of your liking, posted by lots of clients.

If you are assigned a project by a client, you can complete it and submit it to that client. Afterwards your payment will be sent via PayPal or by check or by wire transfer etc,. All the money transaction processes will be taken care by the website to which you have become a member.

Before you start your work the Freelance market place website, which you have joined would see that your fee for the work is deposited by client in advance in an account, called Escrow temporarily. Once your work is approved by the client, the money will be transferred to you.

Thus, this is a hassle free way of earning money, working from the comforts of your home.

Most of these Freelance Market Place Websites offer Sign up / Registration / Join option to jobs Providers (Clients) as well. These Clients in-turn post jobs/projects on these sites for a fixed rate or ask freelancer/job seeker to bid. If fixed rates are agreeable, freelancers can accept those jobs and work on. Or can bid and get jobs.

Thus, these websites act as connecting platform for both job givers and job seekers. In addition these sites take care of transactions between freelancers and clients. Generally these sites charge fees from Clients. But freelancers are given free entry.

Most of these sites display strong ‘call of actions’ like ‘hire a freelancer’ or ‘post your projects’ etc, . to attract Clients in their ads. It does not mean that the freelancers are not given the due importance. Once entered in to the site the freelancer will be walked through a series of steps to get the required job. Hence, the job seeker should not get confused about the prominence given in ‘call of action’ to Clients only. Instead, without hesitation the freelancer should click and browse the affiliate ads and try to get jobs.

In addition to above mentioned affiliate ads, advertisements placed by Google also show up in different pages of this ‘Freelance Jobs Providers’ website. If interested the visitor can click on those ads also and land upon jobs listed there.

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